and it sounds a little something like this . . . .

All Is Vanity on Antimatter Records - 10th May






What a pile of ridiculousness.

Frosties Kickflip

Tekdeck skate park built by one of my boy's fair hands.

Too much time on his ______________________^^^^???


Champion Fraff: Gold Edition... Again.

No more longing it out. Here's one of the unreleased tracks that will make up the Gold Edition. 'Cancerland Chaos' was recorded pretty much before everything else on the album in the original 2ManySteps studio... The full download will be ready for you to grab with both hands NEXT WEEK! Trust.

<a href="">Cancerland Chaos (Unreleased) by Contact Play</a>

Contact Play (Shankles Remix) | Small Talk (Lord Balrog Remix)

The toenail of Britain...

is unreachable for most people. That is, unless, you are a gang of rambunctious surfer types or....


Admittedly all Glastonbury's finest had to do was sit in a ladybird car for fucking hours as vehicles of all shapes and sizes overtook us on the A-roads, hit Falmouth (eventually) and smack a show. This is exactly what they did.

For one night and one night only edwina scissorflaps was the third amigo, displaying an unrivaled ability to press play with a precision that Sammy B-Side could only dream of, perform a spectacular mike check annddd introduce leafs and bva with the type of gusto that they deserve.

Mad props for reaching boys - 350 miles, an empty wallet and a verse recorded later.

Clock these art fag pictures.


Henry Line


Champion Fraff: Gold Edition

Another week, another golden nugget. This is one has been on youtube for a minute. The Shankles version of 'Contact Play'. The digital download for the whole Gold Edition will be live within the fortnight. Remember: unreleased fire, bigtime remixes and some '2HOT4SMBTV'.


Sycometric Malignant Badgerhole


2mS London Zoo Remix............

My bredrinse Adrian from TwoManySteps (who produced a fair bit of Champion Fraff and mixed and mastered the whole thing) did a remix of 'I'm a Dick' by the ever rinsing London Zoo. It's getting released on Dented soon, maybe even on VINYL. Check it here


Dike at Vibe Bar

Here is Dike tearing the stage apart at Vibe Bar


Rhyme Pad Radio Session

The audio from the Rhyme Pad Radio rinse we did in January got uploaded. So if you didn't happen to be tuned into 209Radio that particular evening, don't worry. Big up Rhyme Pad Radio -  Sorry for getting your station shut down with our vulgarity... 

Champion Fraff: Gold Edition

As you may or may not know Champion Fraff is getting re-released for digital download in the specially blinged out GOLD edition. Featuring unseen footage from SMBTV, unrealeased tracks from Contact Play and some banging remixes. After the jump have a taster on the Lord Balrog Remix of 'Small Talk'. It's nang.  


London's Top Borough.

Coming as soon as Stan Dudley and me get our acts together. The (REAL IN) THE FIELD EP - featuring this little slag for sure...