Fuck Insurance.

For the past week, I have been holed up in my room, repeating details to idiots in call centres. All so I can boot Britain for a bit to escape the foul stench of Mount Cameron as its waff cloud spreads throughout the nation. It's his long, podgy, shiny, red face and the fact that he's such an unbelievably smug prick.

But wait. Stop. No... What's that sound in the distance? You can hear it, can't you?


Ed Scissortongue's top 5 horror films.

5 - Gremlins

4 - Evil Dead 2

3 - Big Trouble in Little China

2 - A Nightmare on Elm Street

1 - The Shining



Half Past Calm 2 - Jon Phonix

Yeah mufuckas, Jon Phonix has just released his second producer album which you can download FREE here, heres the tune me and Flips did for it....