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Safe, I realise that the link for Crush In The Morning doesnt work anymore so I uploaded it again and this link works now.

Moist Velvet - Crush In The Morning

Fuck Pimms this summer, its all about K Cider. There is no better accompaniment to a K Cider than Moist Velvet's 'K Cider'. This tune has already made my summer 15% better. Biggup Kerem, hopefully he doesnt mind.

Moist Velvet - K Cider



For all you motherfuckers that fancy an alternative to the standard strawberry crusties and vegans, shake your funky arses down to the trendy sides of the big old east end. SMB's Mr SORN will be representing bringing you some perverted eye styles, get down and throw rocks at him.
Warehouse afterparty looks banging yo, don't sleep..

< click flyer for big things

The full event is now running from 10AM til 4AM in two locations.
10AM - 5PM • Daytime Graffiti Jam open to all ages - with mobile sound system - free - Summertime vibe!
5PM - 4AM • Afterparty Festival Style - fully painted warehouse - BBQ, Bar, Beats and Pieces

Pama International / No1 Station / Lazy Habits / Phuturesonic / Live

Rodney P & Skitz / Goldielocks / JFB (DMC 2007) / Danny Breaks / Reeps1 / John Hendicott / Disraeli / Captain Crunch
Master of Ceremonies - CHU-I

End of the Line is proud to host the London Meeting of Styles, showcasing the best of freehand Graffiti that the UK has to offer. We have invited a selection of the strongest painters from across the globe to collaborate with the Best of British in a live painting exhibition of epic proportions.

From 10AM-5PM artists will be painting on hoarding and walls on Bacon & Sclater Street, at the beigel end of Brick lane.

Then in the early evening the venue for the festival-style afterparty with live painting, music, food and drink will be a vast warehouse in the heart of Shoreditch, freshly painted for the event and a short walk from Brick Lane.

Ska, Hip Hop, DubStep, Roots, Beats and Pieces.

The event is brought to you by EndoftheLine in partnership with Nizim and festival favourites Chai Wallahs will be providing refreshments.

Facebook event page is:

Blog for the event:

Tickets the gigantic ticket link is:

FLICKR - images of Endoftheline

Day time Open air graffiti jam
10-5pm on the 6th - mobile sound system, paint and beats / sclater, cygnet
and bacon street map:

Warehouse Afterparty 5PM to 4AM map:


Revenge of the Robots...

Out of the park.... blaooooooow

Excuse me - was you saying something?

Partly inspired by a previous baxterous post I thought that this would be of interest...

Will Oldham and Zach Galifianakis endeavor to make farming gangster. I don't know about yous lot but I rate spitting bars right up in a cows grill gangster as fuck.

Is it me, or was that a whole load of fuss about nothing?

Kid genius himself giving you the truth, its ok, you can unlock your doors. Kid G isnt all health advice and concerned citizen, he can out rhyme your grandma any day of of the week. (that was meant to be a biggup but didnt work in the way i intended) check him out on

Tunes that will probably never come out on anything proper or were left half finished vol.1:

Artem The super trooper the UKrainian masterpiece that he is has rescued my old hard drive from the edge of oblivion and i have my old mixdowns folder back. So im flinging out some shit that you might as well have. bump it if neccessary. Its peppermince people! old bars, jimmy whagwan on the buttons SMB yaheard?

Contact Play - Peppermince


We swore that this shit would never get out.

This video epitmoses two things...

1 - Terrible emceeing - and -

2 - Ultimate aggs uncontrollableness.

Trevor Nelson isn't ready.

Peep the costune changes - an essential part of covering up the fact that ones bars are poopendecker.


Contact Play at Rhythm Factory 26th May

Rhythm Factory next tuesday, it finishes by 11:30 so all my 9 to 5 crew have no excuse, im gonna be dragging myself into "the fucking office" on wednesday too. Me Dike Key and Bosh are all reaching. Come have joke.


SMBTV Volume 1 featuring Jay Madden TT

Yeah! After about 50 failed attempts to do SMBTV volume one on Bosh's crisp flipcam, I decided to upload the 51st failed attempt to record SMBTV volume one on Bosh's crisp flipcam. Cos I figure we'll keep failing, like the failures we are, there would be more bars but Kulez waded in on Kulez time. Theres bare more footage from the night, but I cant post it until I work out how to edit out the bit where I said something controversial. It cant be too hard. Anyway, Jay Madden is heavy, you can download his free pre album by clicking here.

Come see us play at the Rhythm Factory in Aldgate next tuesday the 26th of May with The IRS, Rhyme Asylum and Baron Samedi. I'll post the flyer up soonly. Brap zoop etc.


Moist Velvet - Crush in the Morning

Kerem would be a tiny bit brewing if he knew I posted this, but its too rinsing. Moist Velvet is a one man four man 80s Soul outfit spearheaded by the smoothest man in PG, Kerem Fraiche. Instead of posting all the tunes like I want to, im just gonna post one, Crush in the Morning. He might wanna crush in the morning.

Moist Velvet - Crush in the Morning

Get Involved!

Oh yeah SMB are playing at Secret Garden Party so if you're not reaching then please reach.