Word on the main lines is WordPlay is dropping in a few weeks and is ram sacked, car jaked and bolt cutted with 95% of the finest unseen british steel by many a skallywag from the United Kingdom. So you best go check that shit, don't sleep, or they might just paint ya misses and run a train on her ass...


Squeeth! Singular minion pon horizon

Crawling from the compost, Jaques Crampgut surveyed the scene.
‘The fax machine is still intact, thank fuck’ he thought.
He wanted to go left, however his guts had a wildly conflicting plan,
involving a cheesegrater and a couple of sharp yet withered sticks.
Agreeing to disagree, the troubled pair spudded one another and went separate ways,
loosely arranging to meet one another at Dixies Fried Chicken and Pizza at twenty past eight.
Jaques gave his gut a helpful kick towards the rubber buckets and sharp implements it so craved,
and strode on, gutless, towards the sea.

The album is curdling neatly in pressing plant near you and will be smouldering in your tawdry arms come July. Feed with gravel three times a day and it will shit you brilliance, i shit you not


The 80s Soul Party Mix

Right. If you're into your 80's Soul, then you're in for a treat. Them Ballad Crooks have knocked up a nice little hour long set of the finest. Download this thing.

Ballad Crooks Present: The 80's Soul Party

If for some reason you aren't into 80's Soul. Go here.


'They call me Sanchez...'

Gristle Vol. 3

Sorry Baxter but 'tunes that will probably never come out on anything proper or were left half finished' is a bit long. So I hereby name all the unused offcuts and random chewy bits - 'Gristle'.

With the economy as it is I figure it only right that I remind you of those days before the recession. Me and Key get sub-prime on one of Stan Dudley's toxic assets.

Contact Play - Richie Rich


Tunes that will probably never come out on anything proper or were left half finished vol.2:

This tune isn't going to be on my album and i recorded it time ago now so if anyone wants it they can fakkinavvitt..

Jam Baxter - Grenadier

Produced by Cire AKA Shankles

Check Cires myspace for some next levelness, seriously. 'Take Over' is the first thing ive heard from him since he moved to Australia and it is huge. Click on his name up there...

Safe, album out soon blah blah blah


New Mix by DJ Sugai - "Its A Love Thing" first post on the SmokeMyBlog!

So here it is, new mixtape by me "Its A Love Thing". Not ur standard emo-hop here, takin it back to the pure classic love bangers. peep it. just type in the 4 letter security code on the top right once u follow the link:



So here it is. The official video for Juicing. A high budget summer blockbuster, no expense spared. Champion Fraff coming soon.