What's Beef?

I'm making a tune called Beef Carcass Break Down


Smoke My Beefscape yeah?

Smoke My Beef picnic yeah?

Lynch + PS2 = brilliant madness.


SMBTV (Episode Two)

Lazy Freeflow

Mans were on a leanup morning after the night before ting.


R.I.P. Teddy Pendergrass



A Comprehensive List of the NANGEST of the RINSING

Sometimes I can't help but marvel at the number of sick MCs, beatsmiths, singers and artists I have had the pleasure of getting to know personally. So instead of doing any work, I'm going to spread the good word of nang. Click on the mans....

The 3 Amigos - Consisting of Leafy, BVA, and one of the sickest producers in the country, Naive (Who incedentally is producing half of my forthcoming solo album, and its sounding live if I do say so myself.) All jokers, all masters of the craft. Check leafy's blog HERE. They also roll with a mysterious producer named Lord Balrog. Little is known about him, but he's making moves.

Mowgli - This breh is next level, his album '93' has just come out, i'm on a couple tunes, you can buy it here. He is part of the tight 4i2i Collective who you can expect big things from this year. Producers Platitas and Miss Moss provide them with some of the most innovative beatings around and they definately know how to shmerk a live show.

Fliptrix - Is definately putting the work in, his second solo album has just gone to press and features the likes of Jehst, Kashmere, Verb T and myself.

Toyface - Has the voice of an absolute angel, I first met her while stumbling in an acid soaked wonderland at Glade festival many moons ago. At some point when I stop being a bit waste (not waste, just a bit waste, things done changed) we'll do some stuff together, until then, enjoy the tunes on her page.

Kid Genius AKA Suave Debonair - What a joker

Shankles AKA Sneer - Part of the Harmitage Shanks crew. I'm going to say a couple of bold unqualified things now: You CANNOT program drums like this breh. You CANNOT create a more atmospheric soundscape than this breh. Maybe you can. I dunno. But you get the idea. Check his remix of CP's tune Contact Play. It's on this blog HERE.

MY FUCKING GOD IM SURROUNDED BY TALENT. Im going to edit this post to add more and more cos there are so many more but I really should do some work now... More SMBTV coming soon, new SMB mixtape coming soon, new Dike album coming soon, My album coming semi-soon, solo projects from all of CP in the encrusted pipelines. I don't want to say 2010 is our year cos that's some cliche bullsheet, but it would appear I just did. Fuck.



Don't ever say we don't bring you the freshest in Socamerenguetek. Ladies and Gentlemen, Sumsin.

Damemás by sumsin


The Coldest Turkey in Town

One freezing turkey sits on a frosted bench on a crisp winters afternoon, besieged on all sides by the lukewarm partridges and temperate quails that strut the woodlands. A snotty nosed toffee eyed prat of a seven year old boy stares up from the muddy puddles below.

"why didnt you get yammed on christmas day, with all them vegetables and all the gravy and the stuffing, and the two kinds of potatoes and the steamed red cabbage, and all that shit?"

He screamed. His drunken mother spun slowly on her rotten toes, but was too busy thrusting three needles into a common oaf to discipline him.

"I was too blitz"

Replied the Turkey. The child guffawed with the temerity of a blinded pirate, boarding a ship of steel plated murderers armed with an antique cutlery set.** The Turkey dryly peeled off a strip of legskin, ready to blindfold the child and waterboard it till it talked. But it was too blitz, and instead it shivered in its own personal antarctic, like a deformed Hansel chained to an obese Gretel, longing for the musky heat of a witches oven.

**Fassbeard the Blind had been swashbuckling since the very first buckle was first swashed by a fat tramp in 1802, but that in no way altered the fact he was shit at it, and had a habit of attempting to board boats that practically overflowed with the hot sludge of aggyness. This he would do singlehandedly, and would subsequently receive the parring of a lifetime. He had been blinded in the Great Eye-Gouge of 1834, but this had only made him more foolhardy. This time however, was different. He had got his hands on an antique cutlery set, and had been practicing with a butterknife all afternoon. He boarded. He stumbled. He was happyslapped. He winced. He hopped. He was kicked and bitten. He dodged. He took some MDeez. He fumbled. He got bricked. His blindly flapping armz settled on what felt like an antique mink ladies mitten. Booty! In reality, man got a dead rat. Success! As he was launched from the vessel by the tree trunkish armz of Pumpface the Fuck, he cradled his bounty like a hot turkey fresh from the oven. TRUE STAUREEZ

Gang as fuck.