SMBTV Volume 1 featuring Jay Madden TT

Yeah! After about 50 failed attempts to do SMBTV volume one on Bosh's crisp flipcam, I decided to upload the 51st failed attempt to record SMBTV volume one on Bosh's crisp flipcam. Cos I figure we'll keep failing, like the failures we are, there would be more bars but Kulez waded in on Kulez time. Theres bare more footage from the night, but I cant post it until I work out how to edit out the bit where I said something controversial. It cant be too hard. Anyway, Jay Madden is heavy, you can download his free pre album by clicking here.

Come see us play at the Rhythm Factory in Aldgate next tuesday the 26th of May with The IRS, Rhyme Asylum and Baron Samedi. I'll post the flyer up soonly. Brap zoop etc.

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