This Blog Is Not Dead. We Can Sort It.

Smoke My Blog...

Had it have been created by a tech savvy squad of highly motivated self-starters, SMBlog (as it will be referred to, henceforth) would now be flourishing in the internet's very own garden of eden. Hits is what a blog needs to photosynthesise, and we must drench its roots in brand new posts to feed it.

However, SMBlog was not grown in the correct manner. SMBlog has become an unwanted and unloved weed. Neglected by it's cruel and horticulturaly-challanged masters. I reckon we all need to get on the 15.21 SMBlog train to a town called 'Rinse'.

I say no more.

Are you a man or a mincer? Come we do this.

"Sort it or abort it" - Malcom Tucker

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