Your flows aren't pickled enough
you need to stick them in a jar and pickle them up
until they're nice and pickled
i'm talking like 5 year fermentage
and if you end up selling some tunes you should give me a percentage of the vinegar costs
like a costcutter ramraid - gimme the stuff
I want the burger cheese slices and i'm down with any involvement in vinegar love

I pickle pickle's till their pickled as fuck

I will pickle your brain and then sit on the circle line all day with your brain on a train just circling the city and stuff
perfect circles - 360 degrees - like the perfect pickled onion sat digested deep in my gut hanging out with 7 packets of crisps and seventeen slugs.

seven seas swimming in the vinegar with a million idiots fucked.

and don't get me started on the jalapenos - see me rolling down a ski slope smashing into christmas trees like a motherfucking freak show
sipping vinegar mojitos - loving life like the vinegars my fucking wife
sip sipping on the vinegar and carving gherkins up real fine with a kitchen knife
you think i'm chatting shit don't make me tell you twice about my vinegar showers in the morning

When my homies pass away you know that it's vinegar i'm pouring

on the pavement.

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