Summers been mad.

FUCK!! All kinds of dope shit got done this summer. We always fuck off for a bit and do some festivals or whatever, but this year got double fisted with boxing gloves by the SMB gang. Went to France on some scooby doo shit in our gang wagon, did a fuck load of shows in some odd locations and some normal ones. Slept in an abandoned church, stole a dog...blah blah...we did that before tho in Croatia when Bosh stole a black labrador, named it rocky and wrote SMB on it with tooth paste.
As all the other CP members have normal lives with cars, sport, jobs and ipads, alot of these weird events were only attended by me and baxter, and of course this years latest edition to the force DJ SAMMY B. Mainly because we dont care about our future and just want to show off with mics and stages till someone kills us, but also coz we DEDICATED YO!!! Im not sure how long i been doing this now, i guess about 6 years is all (and im better than you), but this year has been a grower.
With the support of that long haired dinosaur of madman Chris SIKA we done a whole bunch of UK festivals on the SIKA STUDIOS stage, which mainly consisted of us not sleeping for 4 days and taking acid, then rinsing some of the best shows known to uk hip hop whilst wilding and imaginary friend we'd created out of any reachable rubbish in the time available. BANGING! WHO DOES THAT!!!
Me and Baxter went to Wales a few times.......JESUS. I discovered they do gas up their noses and name items after the noises they make. The women are stupid and the blokes get fucked up.
We stayed in the Hilton in Glasgow after playing a mental gig, first stage diving from the CP history books if im not mistaken. Baxter dived head first into a screaming pit of boys, bit gay but whatever. I guess the birds arms are to skinny to hold him up coz man is overly hench this yeeeeeeeeear. Got to say a massive SAFE to Alana (best promoter yet) for being, well... the best promoter yet.
We must of made 4 videos this year too, never thought id enjoy making a video, turns out its a fucking good way to spend your day. I seen baxter in a bin, i thrown a pork pie at pigeon, watched Fliptrix fall to his hands and knees and rub water melon all in his face at old street station, Scissor tongue took a whole bag of pop corn to the face, and i stood about ironing 5 pound notes in my pants. This will all make sense on the release of Fliptrix's new video coming soon.
HIGH FOCUS has obviously smashed the living emotion out of the granny before smashing the granny out of the UK hip hop scene this year. Thank god Fliptrix did something before we all ended up with smack addictions and no purpose in life (well, me and baxter). The label has taken us to all kinds of height's we didn't really know about. I played at a fasion show in Earls court and kicked a missive gold chair over in front of a load of fashion victim bell ends who were paying me to offend them, err living the dream, YES! Any promoter who say's "make sure you offend everybody" is basically my mate from that moment on. I CAN DO THAT!
So yeah, all i want to see now is solo's from Bosh, Scissor tongue and Mr.key and i wont kill anymore kittens. Keep booking the CP PARTY. Its all i do, and the only thing that stops me sniffing coke in my pants on my own in my room with the spiraling eyes even a mother would throw hot coals at.

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