Meet the Artist: SciFi Stu

Please introduce yourself?
I am SciFi Stu a producer/promoter and general underground Hip Hop enthusiast.

From where?
Born and raised the wilds of Scotland.

Music Influences?
I listen to everything from classic hip hop to modern classical… Favourite artists right now are Ligeti, Midaz the Beast, Bibio, Oddisee, Penderecki, Diz Gibran, Ill Poetix, Prolifical, Tha Strangerz, Distrakt, John Robinson, Rodan, Elaquent, DOOM, Madlib,Hudson Mohawke, Shellac, Rachels, Jonwayne, Marvelous Mag, Tortoise. My
tastes are all over the place.

Debut appearance as a producer?
I first officially appeared on either Tha Connection's 'Universal Dominance' or 'Connect' album. I was working with Smoovth Dude on our Rapid Det project. Hus joined us on a beat called Funktions, it was the first track I had out through a label. My very first hip hop collab track was with a UK rapper called Ed Scissortounge it was a great experience working with a like-minded and talented lyricist. My first US collab was with a great rapper called Jameek Karriem we did one song called Control it was a good lesson in international communication and the beat turned out really nice.

Best moment for you in Hip Hop?
Probably getting Public Enemy's 'Nation of Millions' cassette for Christmas in about 1990 and listening to '"She Watch Channel Zero?!"' about 100 times in a row. I then joined the PE fan club and sent $5 out to NY and got a load of promo stuff back!

Who are some artists that you have produced for?
Tha Connection, Prolifical, Ill Poetix, Vast Aire, Sound 0, Remarkable Mayor, Spon, Motown Pride, Jon Wayne. A lot of emerging hip hop artists you should check out!

Your working on your new album, who are some of the artists you collaborated with on this album?
I am working with all the artists mentioned above and hopefully a few special guests I will confirm soon.

Tell us about your company Advantage Music Group?
I knew so many really great artists and just wanted to collect all that talent together and expose their work to anyone who would listen! I released AMG : Chapter 1 with Hus Tha Kingpin and it got loads of downloads and then I took a break to work on my own music. Hus then went on to form the amazing Digi Crates! I started working on bringing together Chapter 2 and released that in mid 2009 in collaboration with Domination Recordings with thousands of downloads to date. Go check the compilations out, AMG 3 and 4 will be out mid 2010.

What's next as an artist?
I am working on my debut album at the moment for release mid 2010. I also have a release scheduled exclusively to Japan due in April. I hope to work on promoting the new single and getting my name out there as much as possible.

Shout outs?
D.J & Domination Recordings, DJ Ready Cee, Hus, Smoovth, Ed Scissortongue & Jameek Karriem. These are the guys who got me into the game! Respect to all my friends at home, collaborators and anyone who plays out or purchases my music. Support NEW HIP HOP!

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