Mr. Avocado

Errr... i make beats when im drunk or on drugs, wake up the next day and go "what the fuck is that"...then i finish them hungover whilst eating bare avocados. I especially like avocados on toast with mayonnaise, prawns and a bit of cracked black pepper...maybe a splash of chilli sauce to make it propa bounce.

I also rap under a different name but thats another story, similar process as the beats but with words and shit. You might of heard of me and my goons if your into continental fruit juicing, gregs, the odd trip to rape city, or new jack swing bangers.

If you want a beat to rap on i will probably try and charge you some money, but i drink alot so prices vary depending on witch way the spirit takes me, dont take it personal if i get all "reh reh reh suck my balls" on face book or some shit, i know rappers are well sensitive these days.

enjoy, destroy, annoy.

got any mayo, wheres the fucking pepper!!!!


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