Who does this guy think he is...

First things first, these stickers are big. I am talking A4 or some shit. Now I know that there are shed loads of features on the release but THINK OF THE PLANET MAN! Secondly, sticking this on the pedestrian crossing could cause a potential BLOODBATH. Imagine the innocent pedestrians being wildly distracted by the killer fonts, dashing looks and all-round dopeness of this sticker and stepping out into the oncoming traffic?


Actually, if you look carefully at this vandalistic scene, it appears that Baxter has thought very carefully about these issues. Word on the street is that for every batch of stickers Baxter prints he (personally) plants 15 trees on the top of Primrose Hill. He is even thinking of getting a Dyson airblade in his house just so he feels less guilty about the acres of rainforest that are getting murkatronned by his sticker factory.

Also, if you look closely, Baxter has intentionally refrained from covering the illuminated 'W A I T' section of the box, firstly, as this would light up the sticker and make it look less BLAOW but also because health + safety is as important as promotion.


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