5 tracks pulled from the doldrums...

for no specific reason and ordered in a top 5 chart for no real reason apart from the fact that life is a competition and there are only winners (Usain Bolt, Thierry Henry) and losers (Gary Glitter, John Leslie, Peter Crouch - you get the idea) IN THIS LIFE.

5 - Erykah Badu feat. Common - Love Of My Life

Best bar: "I hope that you will realise I got the hazel eyes that'll hypnotise & knock you to your knees - make you eat cheese - you be so hellish you be begging me please."

4 - G Unit - Popping them Thangs

Best bar: "Read the paper look at the news we on the front page - yeah we in the Bahamas with AK's on the stage."

3 - El-P - Deep Space 9mm.

Best bar: "Signed to Rawkus - I'd rather be buttfucked by Nazis unconscious."

2 - Celph Titled - Mad as Fuck

Best bar: "Boom Bang Pow yeah all of that stuff bitch you couldn't fit my dick in a mack truck."

1 - Saian Supa Crew - Angela

Best bar: "à chaque fois qu'tu t'sens seule n'hésite pas compose mon numéro toi-même tu sais qu'une fois d'plus, ce sera très chaud."

Next week - top 5 Eiffel 65 tunes.

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  1. I am ashamed to say I'd never heard the Celph tune... but I dig it a lot and am rectifying said stupidity on my part, cheers fo the introduction!