Dirty Dike raps sober.FREEDOWNLOAD!!!

For the first time in maybe 5 years the bed shitting rap wanker from the mighty HIGHFOCUS RECORDS, performed SOBER.
Is this the start of things to come? is dike gonna turn into one of those 'normal' boring serious rappers that everyone cant be patronized buy any longer? NAAAAAAA MATE, its still as jokes and fun as ever.
He's dropping some live bits from the CONSTANT DIKESTAR project, but mostly showing you a load of new verses from his and JAM BAXTERS coming album, some new shit from his next solo album with MR. BOSS, and standardly dropping freestyles about his balls and people with shit hair and whatever.
The whole SMB clan are notorious for turning up completely fucked for alot of shows, for any keen heads you'll know about dike getting banned from this show for drugs, drinking and swearing live in the studio in his younger years, and the second show not ever getting aired sue to similar incidents.
This time he has firmly held it down with one hand and only had a couple zoots on the way, so theres no worriesindadance!!!! FREEDOWNLOAD YO!!!!!!!105FM RHYME PAD RADIO!

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  1. Пълен леш! Евалата.

    Really good! Keep it real.