Lets face it, it doesn't get more 'free' than a Mr. key freestyle does it. I see a lot of freestyles and nothing compares to my main man. nothing.
The first time he showed me this thing he'd learnt was in about 05 when i just got out of jail. He gave me a book and told me to just open it anywhere and shout out words when i felt like he needed them. While i was finding this hard enough, he proceeded to connect and match all this shit and...well you know how it works. Since that day i can honestly say he opened my world and mind to a whole new side of everything that is creative. He taught me that it is a mediative state that you need to fall into and that the harder you try, the shitter you'll be.
After a few sessions (and using the help of powerful drugs and strong liquor) i finally felt what he meant when i lost myself in some rap shit and realised i was listening to myself!! Like i had stopped, jumped out my skin and watched myself finish the freestyle. THAT SHIT FELT AMAZING i thought.
Ever since Mr. key has been the person i look back to when i feel I'm loosing my steeze or forgetting the reasons i do this, and every time we cypher i leave with my skills fully topped up and my inspiration pumping again. LONG LIVE THE LEGEND MR. KEY.


  1. Wicked free, love how he is all sleepy at the start, then he goes in, top lad

  2. hit the nail on the head with that dike, mr key is the number one inspiration for myself. compared to any MC ive heard before mr key always comes out on top...Monster of a man serious talent no two way about it!