Jam Baxter was born in Sarajevo, he was raised by a midget au pair called Victoria Babushkatank who fought in world war 3 with only two spoons and a fork as weapons. Baxter left Sarajevo to pursue a career in street sweeping in East Ham, only to find himself drawn to the art of freestyle product placement rapping and fixing babies ears. After a hugely lucrative sponsorship deal with Speedos fell through due to Baxter's refusal to wax, Baxter turned his attentions towards training for the 2012 olympic ping pong team only to see his hopes dashed by a near fatal porridge stirring accident.

While in hospital recovering from both joggers nipple and tennis elbow, he wrote an album - a double album no less (show off) and it is coming out hella soon. It is called 'SPACK OUT MONDAY/RINSE OUT FRIDAY' and it is good as fuck.

Here is the promo video - look at it with your burnt out skull portals.

Look at all the graphs and shit you can clock on youtube - ill!!!!!!

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