Meeting Contact Play.

When we were in Paris we got interviewed by this guy for a blog called Infos Reportages. The whole article is here. Now, I obviously feel for the poor lad who had to decipher words and sentences from three tired drunken englishmen on a hype. But come on... 

iR : Where do you come from ?

CP : We are from the UK, these two are from London, we are actually part of a five men crew, three of us are from Cambridge and the two of us are from London. Now we all just live everywhere, I live in Bristol, and some of them still live in London. Everyone has moved around but we still do gigs in the summer, in many places as we can.

iR : Can you present the group ?

DD : We are Contact Play, I’m Dirty Dike.

JB : Yeah, my name is Jam Baxter.

RB : And I am Ronnie Bosch.

DD : Ed Scissor Tongue and Mr Key, and DJ Sammy.B, he will be doing all our tour.

iR : Are you all set for tonight ?

DD : Yeah, well I think it’s all quiet tonight, we are not used to quiet Gigs, usually we have a lot of kids that are going mental.

RB : And we probably should have made the effort to learn maybe a little bit of French, before we came.

DD : I’ve got a little blank expression … (laughes).

iR : Do you have any projects ?

DD : We have a release album as a crew “Champion Fraff”, but then we are all solo, so I’ve released the album “Continents Dicke”, Baxter also released an album solo.

RB : My album came out at the end of last year 2010, it’s called “Rinks Out Friday, Back Out Monday”. You can buy most of our albums on

iR : Do you belong to a label ?

DD : Some of us has signed in a solo artist, to a label called High Focus Records, based in London, me and Baxter are signed to that label, and this is where our solo project got released on, but the way it’s going every one has got a solo project going on, and the guy is probably going to end up coming out in the same label anyway, but the moment it’s just the two of us that got the solo project together, but there are more coming.

iR : Any EP’s ?

DD : No, we do mix tapes on albums mainly.

JB : I’ll probably be doing an EP with the girl Bahia, who is performing after us the singer, trying to get a few projects together and build the UK scene a bit more, and get people back into a little bit more, because I thought that there was a few years where maybe there weren’t so many crews in doing big things in the UK so we are just trying to bring out some releases

iR : What do you think about Paris ?

DD : We’ve only been here for three hours.

JB : I was here last year, for a few days

iR : Did you get in ‘ere by Eurostar ?

JB : We are in that crusty Van, Venture VAN LSD

DD : We got a ferry.

RB : It took us like about five hours, it was really long,

iR : You’ve got the venture thing.

RB : Well that’s it! Adventure.

JB : It seems like there is a lot of stuff going on in here, this is our first Gig.

DD : Primary music in here. Well this is our first Geeg, we’re playing in Montpellier the day after today, and we’ve got two or three more Geegs in the South of France, and back to Paris the April 31rst

JB : Some place called rue Ménilmontant.

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