I cannot believe I voted for The Liberal Democrats in the General Election. One of the most retarded moments of my life. I deserve a spinning bird kick for that. If I could spinning bird kick myself I would but I just tried and I can't like this bitch....

Gordy Brown was safe as fuck - his ears were too big but that meant he was well good at listening and stuff - trouble is he called that old bird a bigot and that was not cool.

I have, however, redeemed myself and at the same time basically reinstalled my faith in the voting system by setting up an alternate ballot addressing a far far far far more important issue regarding CP's Red Dwarf themed video for the first single off their second crew release entitled 'Easy on the ketchup'.

From a marketing point of view it would be great if you could take the time to vote on the poll as we have already cast everyone (I am playing Cat, Dike is Holly, Bosh is Kryton, Key is Lister) but we are still struggling to cast Baxter as one of the crew.


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