Edward Scissortongue - 1/5th of Contact Play and a total longout is making an album - a solo one. Special guests include ... me and Contact Play and (hopefully) Dom Wilson on the whistle. maybe Minh on the ukelele but probably not as he is a cock.

Everyone seems to think that I am long and lazy and shit and poor and basically Burnley fc and they are completely right (except for Chris Eagles - he has twinkle toes). What they fail to realise is that I am actually ON IT (just secretly) like flying a kite in the dark.

Here is the proof - reams of ^ PHOTOGRAPHIC ^ EVIDENCE ^ ! ^ ! ^ Think about it - would someone head all the way to Glasgow to turn a bunch of tracks into a fully functional musical something with messir Lamplighter if we didn't mean business?

There are (on average) 757,000 pieces in a jigsaw puzzle - I have collected twelve thusfar - get to know.


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  1. haha sickness! CP just seem to churn out incredibly dope albums all the time! BIGGUP!