Fresh out of the recovery position and into the fire.

So the Smokemybeef blog is two years old and like any other two year old it has just about figured out how to walk to the fridge to get another beer, roll a backflip in the dark and get banned from Outlook. Still, at least this milestone has got certain peeps interested again and word on the street is that Dirty Dike (definitely), Jammy B (hopefully) and Mr Key (unlikely) are all jumping back on the posting bandwagon!!

The jury is still out on whether to give Sammy B-Side posting rights.


Now I know that Ronnie B and myself have been piping on about competitions and giveaways and nangness and other dope shit, but you guys are just going to have to hold on a little longer before we pick our winners. We have been inundated, literally INUNDATED with entries. Here is a picture of our secretary Marilyn with the piles of evidence...

To keep you interested while we sift through the letters and emails and sign for all the recorded deliveries and take all the little diddy rolled up entries off of carrier pigeon's ankles, here is some footage of Don Vito going nuts...

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