You want stuff. We've got stuff.

Scissortongue said that he's going to dash some free stuff at followers, I said I'm going to do the same. Then after doing some tedious admin to make this blog more nang FOR YOU - I noticed that its the SmokeMyBlog's 2nd birthday on Friday. It probably makes sense to do the do in honour of us waffling to no one but ourselves for a couple of years.

We got CDs out the ass. Stickers for days. Dirty Dike has promised to add his lucky underpants to the prize fund. Mr. Key is going to make you the omelette of your choice. I'm in talks with Baxter about him auctioning an evening with Smackbot (The robot sent back from the future to write his bars for him).

But there ain't nothing free in this life... And here's where you start paying... IN MEAT. I want to see some pictures or videos of you weirdos enjoying SMB and meat, in equal measure. The redder, the better. So send your meat based media to

5 top guys will get all of the good stuff.

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  1. i have SMB products, alot of them, and i have meat, and i have a camera, but no usb for it:/
    but ima sort some shit out, cos i want this stuff! POW!