Blu - presents - MOTU

As all mans are already aware, the smoke my beef blog is fundamentally a place for people to meet, discuss, peruse and fondle different shaped and textured meat products. Bloody, medium-rare or plain crucified, this blog invites meat related contributions of all shapes and sizes. Most significantly, this blog is designed to strengthen the already iron-clad links between meat product appreciation and the 4 elements of hip hop. As a sub-basement, under the underground movement which has been bubbling like t-bone steaks in the kitchens of any self respecting humanoid, and taken to new heights by the SMB gang, we all know that a freestyle cypher, b-boy circle or train yard invasion is best complemented by a sizzling George Foreman soundtrack.

Just to emphasise this point, here is a fine picture of a fucking massive steak being eaten by a rapper.

Now - I know that it is good to be open and honest about things and as I see it this blog is as good a place as any to keep it incredibly real. Both myself and my Contact Play goons decided to keep this on the downlow as we knew that it would result in mass riots, accusations of being fucking frauds and would ultimately result in no respect being given to us on any level of the game from the moment that this information leaked. The trouble is, I just cannot go on any longer with this burden on my shoulder plates.

I hate to say it world, but the time has come to announce that Edward Scissortongue is a vegetarian.

Just to take the edge off this devastating revelation I would also like to announce that fellow CP member Mr Key used to keep it extremely herbivorous. However, Mr Key knew that in order to roll deeper than batcaves within the SMB ranks he was going to have to sizzle more bacon at some point in his life. To cut a long story short, Mr Key's new best mate is his local butcher.

Beef Wellington was born...

As a result of this confession I have taken it upon myself to inject new life into this dripping blog. Mans can talk about meats all they like, but I have to be true to myself and mouth off about some other shit true to my heart and incredibly open arteries. For example, nang Scalextrix whips, different types of cake, poetry jams frequented by vietnamese midgets and David Hasselhoff's musical career in Bavaria.

So, without further ado, here is Bologna born street artist Blu's next level, groundbreaking animation 'Motu'. This piece of work is fucking huge and I bet most mans have seen it before, but, if anyone has missed the net then here it is.

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