Giving it the BIG spuds.

When BIG is not sitting at home watching the Tom Hanks classic 'BIG' (on repeat) or frequenting student bars with enough K cider cans in his rucksack to last him until bog-it-o-clock, he spends his time climbing walls, fences and drainpipes on a relentless quest to vandalise our fair city. 

I first met BIG during my cricket days circa 98'. BIG was the county's finest batsmen and I was a 90 mph seamer. I turned to writing speed garage bars and he turned to graff. The rest is history.

I caught up with BIG for a chat about his nihilistic activities but he was too spangled on K cider and shots of Toilet Duck to string together a single sentence. He tried to tag my face with a rusty K cider can so I confiscated his fake ID and gave him a verbal warning. 

Check him out.


  1. He just had his first BIG day out in London yesterday, the constant grin made the sun come outand kick start spring. Drinking K cider on the underground and hiding it down his pants was certainly a highlight that will stay with me for too long.

  2. propper long head style !!!!