I just received this remarkable assortment of words in my fassbook inbox from a long time bredrin and associate of mine J Milly, currently womanising his way through Argentina:

He was completely cured after just eight short months at the institution.
Contrary to initial expectations, he wowed the team of specialists assigned to his case, previously unanimously convinced that progress was impossible.
His rapid rehabilitation cast doubt on a number of studies in the field, previously upheld as irrefutable fact, and became the subject of numerous case studies by young upsarts writing their doctorates, eager to challenge accepted truths in their subject.
His recovery even attracted some media attention, and his picture appeared in newspapers amongst a swarm of grinning physicians.
For these reasons, notwithstanding his undeniable visible and documented improvements, he was discharged from the institution back into the community, and even given his old job back at the fun-fair, operating the merry-go-round.
Then the children started going missing again.

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