I occasionally used to dabble in the odd vandalism blaow-fest here and there. I wont reveal what I used to write because I am confident that a) no-one would have seen or heard of me and b) I will be heckled from all angles for being one of the least prolific and most retarded graffiti writers of all time.

Let's just say that if I did reveal what I used to write that the authorities would not deploy a fleet of airborne choppers FOR SHIT. The trouble with the whole graff thing is that I don't have the balls for it. The adrenalin rush was all too much for me and that made my efforts even worse than what would be described as an absolutely cataclysmic piles of mess by all onlookers anyway.

Myself + a bag of paint x by an L-patch = prang out extraordinaire.

These guys do not share the same paranoia (and essentially bitch) related problems that cut my insipidly short lived dabblings within the graff world to an abrupt end. Are the authorities in Russia ruthlessly short of numbers? Or are this gang mental-do-not-give-a-flying-fuck-die-for-the-cause-whole-car-nutbars? The piece is pretty awful but that does not take anything away from them painting it during the rush hour commute.

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