The World spins out of time

Elliptical games of snakes and ladders brandish jokers in every flop

An onlooker stares

Wishful thinking - dream like conclaves - from someone who simply cannot find the words to write his bilingual requiems

Thomas taps a forceful source - and strides the high wire vacant - he ponders thoughts like cosmonauts - bending the universe

Each word scribed like gravestone inscriptions - embossed into dusty memories - the trench foot forager falls deeper than harpoon struck anenomies and settles like the morning frost

You have no power over me

A wonderful moment disappears from the front line of everything gracious that I hold in my heart

The palpitations burn forcefields between the portals - a tangent universe reflects what I've lost

The philosophy of time travel


  1. normal is going to get stabbed with his own question mark.

  2. I'm going to make a stab vest out of Edmond Scissorflaps Extended English Dictionaries Volumes 1 to 8