Should this be part of the National Curriculum?

This whole street drumming thing is far too alien in my opinion. Why oh why does this not happen on every street corner in every city EVERYWHERE?

There is some old twat in Cambridge city centre who does the whole one man band thing with a border collie sat on a chair howling all day and looking well miserable, but I would swap him for any one of these drummer mans in the blink of an eye. Imagine spotting one of these dudes on the market square hammering the shit into a sulo bin.

Cyphering potential = endless.


  1. That old twat as you put it was called Snowie, and he raised thousands apon thousands of pounds in aid of guide dogs for the blind before he died a few years ago. A massive acheivement in this selfish society of materialistic, trainer wearing, import hat donning idiots.

  2. Haaahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa . . . If I remember correctly Snowie used to stand about with a red top hat with mice crawling around the brim. Occasionally he would even stick a mouse in his mouth and let it pop out for the Cambridge Evening News shoot celebrating his latest fundraising milestone. I for one would be both ashamed and deplorable for ripping the piss into Snowie (even though he did give me the creeps).

    Truth be told there is actually more than one old man that frequents the city of Cambridge on a saturday afternoon looking to get his wrinkly hands on your hard earned pounds and pennies. One example is of course Snowie who (used to) raise crazy monies for charity, another is the chap I was ACTUALLY talking about. An old washed up one man band douchebag who forces his withered and grey border collie to sit in a deck chair next to him all day and howl when he plays his mouth accordian.

    I just reckon it is out of line to force an old pooch to sit in a shitty chair all day howling along to terrible one man band clatterings. You're right – this is an animal cruelty issue and it pisses me off. Then again, is forcing a dog to sit on a chair as back as sticking a mouse in your mouth?

    Now I don't know about you but before you berate someone for hating on elderly-devote-their-late-life-to-raising-shit-loads-of-money-for-charity mans, I suggest you get your facts straight!!!!!


  3. in fact we should film us distracting that poor dog with some prime beef on a string in some high jinx youtube shinnagins

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  5. ....... plus me and dike watched kat lick her rat clean of yak ...... is that any worse?