Sincerely lost - an animal that stalks the bars of a rusty cage booth cotch
Underneath the moss heap a sparkling sediment embossed

Weaving black widow messages - deceiving seasons screen the truth behind the whistles
A landlubber - a great decree - languishing in laughter - isolated editors bash buttons on enigma machines
The wail of banshee boardwalks inside the tap dancer's dungeon orchestrate the climbing of white willow trees under a full moon fulcrum

But how long will this last?

Without a hope in the widest of worlds the human fly climbs higher than a sky rocket made of stone to build his home
A place where carrier pigeons battle storks to deliver good news to the waiting populous below

Twiddling thumbs through the light shards of Avalon - a main frame epitaph that radiates the rain clouds active

The night stars converse with the space rubbish

A man on his knees tries to fathom the warmth that he feels in his heart
The words that ignite the coals of his being burn with more passion than the patterns of a life long activist

The revolution dances on his finger tips televised - his finger tips glow monotone - dabbling with chaos - and as the minutes start to blossom lost the channel hopping overflows

Staring at a ceefax test card

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